The “Gorodets” Publishing House
The “Gorodets” publishing house was founded in 1996. Back then it specialized in books on law, economy and psychology, and soon became one of the top publishers in Russia and the CIS in the field of scientific and educational literature. It also published fiction books.

Over the years the “Gorodets” has made significant progress, developed into a holding company and took its rightful place in the book publishing market.

Nowadays the “Gorodets” is a diversified publishing house, and a large proportion of its book output is fiction literature. We publish high-rate and varied literature by Russian authors (book series “Vadim Levental’s Bookshelf”, Andrei Gelasimov’s “Shrine” line and “Vezdets” project featuring poetry, theater and music), as well as by foreign authors (“Frédéric Beigbeder Collection”, illustrated Italian books for children in “Laska-Press” series and Nordic book line “NordBook”).

We keep publishing professional literature. Our law books of academic and educational trends are featured in the “Law books” series and “M. K. Treaushnikov’s Library” launched in 2021. We also publish popular science and professional books on psychology and psychiatry jointly with “Mental Healthcare Union”.

Our Publishing House takes part in the main annual literature events in Russia, such as “Moscow International Book Fare”, “International Fair for Hiqh-quality Fiction and Non-Fiction” (a.k.a. “Non/fiction”) and “Saint-Petersburg International Book-Salon”, to name a few.

In 2021 a novel “Pokrov-17” by Alexander Pelevin published by the “Gorodets” won the prize “National best-seller”, and five more books by our authors entered the long-list.
Our series

The “Vadim Levental’s Bookshelf” series features contemporary Russian literature. The aim of literature is to comprehend the reality we live in by means of art. This reality is changing every day. And even though we acknowledge the importance of literary tradition, we see that the true-to-life literature can never be the same, as it was ten or twenty, let alone a hundred years ago. Contemporary literature is seeking new forms, since the ever-changing reality is no longer fits the old ones, this literature is open to new topics arousing from the world around us, however discomforting they may be, it is seeking new language to express the modern world. Bold, thought provoking, harsh and disturbing — these are the epithets of the modern Russian literature, which is anything but boring.

The “Vezdets” is the “Gorodets” imprint project featuring the most daring modern poets and playwrights, including musician’s poetry and memoires, and a graphic novel, and illustrated palindromes collection. There is only one exception — prose fiction. Our authors are Yuri Smirnov, Alexander Delfinov, Alexander Pelevin, Boris Barabanov, Mnogoznaal, Leo Gankin, Andrei Mashnin, Oleg Grooz and more. We are proud to say that “Vezdets” published the history of «NOM» rock band and a collection of contemporary drama “Lyubimovka. The Plays”. We make no compromise neither in contents, nor in form; good taste and boldness enable us to make book gems for sophisticated bibliophiles.

The “Shrine” features contemporary Russian prose by talented yet little-known authors, for the most part previously unpublished. The “Shrine” includes novels, novelettes and collections of stories, asserting strong life-affirming values, intelligible narration and distinctive characters. The “Shrine” gives opportunity to make a statement to gifted authors, whose talents had not been duly appreciated. It gives opportunity to be heard. These are books about uneasy moral decisions, about human struggle for self-esteem, about compassion, love for life and faith in it.
The series compiled and curated by Andrei Gelasimov.

The “Nordic Book Line” (“NordBook”) features literature of Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Faroe Islands. The series includes variety of genres: crime fiction and psychological fiction, books for children and teenagers, non-fiction and graphic novels. Scandinavian writings always meet a reader’s expectations, it can’t be denied.

The writers of the Nordic countries can tell in a courageous and legible way about diversity of the present day reality, and the fragility of nature and human relations.

The “Frédéric Beigbeder Collection” features contemporary French prose, which had still been unknown to Russian readers. Frédéric Beigbeder selects these books personally following the one and only merit: pleasure of reading. The collection includes only the novels, novelettes and stories, which happened to excite, anger, made laugh or cry the man himself. The authors of the series are winners of prestigious literary awards: Prix Médicis, Prix Goncourt, Prix Renaudot, Prix Femina etc. “Frédéric Beigbeder Collection” reveals France through the eyes of the French, unbowdlerized, brave, liberal and full of life.

This series sets a new quality standard for children books. These are the best of the European, primarily Italian illustrated children and teenage books, teetering on the brink between fiction and art. All these books are selected personally by the series’ editor Mikhail Vizel at Bologna Children’s Book Fair (BCBF). All the published books are noted for superb translations and high quality printing.

Also the series includes books by Russian authors and illustrators on a par with the Western ones.

The “Mental Healthcare Union Library” is addressed to PhDs in psychiatry and psychology, as well as to all readers interested in these matters. Practitioners can use these books to deepen their knowledge, and those interested in psychology and psychiatry would learn ways of scientific research of human psyche and find out more about methods of psychoanalysis, gestalt-analysis, and analytic psychology. These books would suggest how to overcome hardships, anxiety and depression.

This educational and social project carried out jointly with Mental Healthcare Union includes classic monographs and textbooks, modern works on psychiatry and psychology and study guides on current psychological disciplines, as well as popular and educational literature on psychology.

This series features wide variety of academic legal literature: textbooks, study guides, commentaries on laws and codes, topical dictionaries, bibliographies, monographs. The authors of these books are lecturers, professors and research fellows of the leading Russian universities: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics (HSE University), Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Russian State University of Justice, as well as practicing lawyers and pleaders, judges of Constitutional and Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Professional books are highly demanded among experts of legal community, and educational books serve as a tool to students for mastering the discipline as a single basic science. For many years the “Gorodets” publishing house has been taking part in targeted projects in the field of education and law making.
The “Gorodets” publishing house originates from publishing legal literature. This is why the “Law Books” series and “M. K. Treaushnikov’s Library”, launched in the “Gorodets” 25-th anniversary, are of special importance to us. Authors keep living in their works, scientists — in their discoveries, and readers — in the books they read. Mikhail Konstantinovich Treaushnikov (12.05.1938 – 04.07.2021) was lucky to be all of these: author, scientist and reader.

The book series “M. K. Treaushnikov’s Library” launched by the “Gorodets” came out of a collective effort by the publisher, relatives, pupils, colleagues and friends of Mr. Treaushnikov to keep and continue the making of his personal library, to give new life to it, to develop the mentality of Mr. Treaushnikov as a man of his time.
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